The Romance of Hua Rong (2019)

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Hua Rong, daughter of a general, accidentally becomes the wife of the pirate king Qin Shangcheng. However on the night of their wedding Hua Luo escaped. Qin Shangcheng is determined to hunt her down. Add Synopsis In Portuguese

Native Title: 一夜新娘
Also Known As: Yi Ye Xin Niang , One Night Bride
Directors: Danny Ko
Screenwriters: Li Nan, Xiao Zhi Yao, Peng Yi Ying, Han Yu Ting, Xiong Jia Nan, He Guang Yue
Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance
Tags: Impulsive Female Lead, Strong Male Lead, Love–Hate Relationship, Hidden Identity, Runaway Bride, Hate To Love, Pirate, Battle, Thief, Wolves (Vote or add tags)

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